Here's Who You're Working With


I'm a woman on a mission to help other women get real. Real with themselves. Real with their business. Real with their relationship with God and His church.

My name is Jantzen Jolly-Miller, and I’m a California transplant from Southern Oklahoma, friend to many, and wife to Shawn. Professionally speaking, I partner with businesses as a marketing consultant, writing effective copy for their digital and print platforms. In my faith walk, I'm a reconciled Christian who continues to make bonehead mistakes and constantly falls short of the glory to which I was called. 

Whether it’s at church, at work, or at home, I show my cards with verbal and written words to break barriers, remove stigmas and establish a foundation of transparency, even if that means being too much for some people. Why? Because I'm an evangelistic advocate of removing the unneeded tension of inauthenticity. I'd rather allow my work-in-progress, in the middle, diamond in the rough self to shine than hold myself back with fear of imperfection, failure, or being misunderstood.

I want the same for you, because vulnerability opens the door for more vulnerability, and transparency breeds trust.

In your business, in your marriage, in your friendships, in your awkward coffee line interactions and especially in your church - Real matters. 

My Characteristics: I am extroverted, loud, expectant, strategic, blunt, self-aware, over-the-top and unpolished at times.

My Strengths: Futuristic, Communication, Discipline, Competition, Harmony (Middle Child)

My Myers-Briggs: ESTJ - The Executive (Fun fact, so is my husband)

My Kolbe Index: 8 Fact Finder - 8 Follow Thru - 2 Quick Start - 2 Implementer