I love writing devotionals and blogs for faith publications and Christian organizations. Here's a look at some of the pieces I've written for Wheat and Honey Co., a Christian-based company selling distinct and personal goods made by women, for women. 

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STAY: An Invitation to Purposefully Focus on God’s Presence & Promises

STAY is not only the first Bible Study I’ve written, but it’s also the first study created for the Wheat and Honey Co. shop.

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Our Lives Are Not Our Own


Sometimes our brains are more receptive and open to conviction when the truth is something we have to find ourselves rather than be blatantly told. God did the same for me recently when He convicted me about how I’m using each breath He gives me. Every moment of my life is a loaned asset from Him, a company car of sorts.

However, with the benefits of the free car comes the responsibility of being content with the gift, and modeling the mission of the “company” whose logo we display.

What To Do in the Wait


Waiting. It might be the hardest thing we have to do in our lives. In today’s times, we barely have to wait for anything. Fast food, fast service, fast technology, fast forwarded TV. The world is full of fast. However, as God tells us, His ways are not usually the ways of the world. God’s plans for us are more often than not, slow and intentional. Marinating over time to create the flavorful, colorful life that He has designed for us. However, it can be hard to look above our circumstances and be hopeful in times of waiting.

Whether it be waiting for a husband, job, child, transformation, healing or door opening, what do we do in the wait as Christian daughters?

How to Get Where God Wants Us to Be


The more time goes on, the more I realize our faith will never peak in this lifetime. There’s never going to be a final answer of “yes” to our question of “are we there yet God?”  God knew when He made us that we’d never have it all figured out. He did this to keep us humble and dependent on Him for the strength, wisdom and guidance we need every day.

And while we’ll never meet our final destination of growth as long as we’re still breathing, we can still run the race to get closer to where God wants us to be. Here are some practical ways we can “press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us.”